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Help back us on IndieGoGo so we can put Strap-Ons into full production! Follow this page for all the updates, and to help us fund the best strap locks ever.

(10/15/13) We just launched out campaign! See it here:

(10/21/13) 5 days in, and we have raised 10% of our goal! Make sure to keep spreading the word, and check out a big picture update we just did: 

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(11/8/13) The campaign has been going  well - not only have we raised almost 50% of our goal so far, but we have been featured in a few major online news publications, gotten inquiries for dealerships and endorsements, and just plain amazing support from everyone in the music scene. 

It feels great! Thank you so much for all you've done so far. Now we just have one final push to get this project funded 100%. Just 8 days left!

(11/15/13) WE DID IT!! After a huge push at the end of the campign, we managed to reach our $3,000 goal, and even exceed it a little. The amount of support we have gotten is really overwhelming. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has been involved in making this dream a reality. We will have a big update coming soon.

(12/03/13) Strap-Ons are Ready to Ship!

Here are a couple cool pictures the manufacture sent us while they were making our recyclable little widgets. The coolest part about the process is the tooling (that big metal plate) with our logo in it. We didn’t do a good job explaining this before, but this was part of the reason for the IndieGoGo campaign - custom tooling like this is relatively expensive.





If the perk you selected had any options with it (the Super Strap Wonder Pack, Ish Shirt, or Ish Life pack), then we will be contacting you today directly via email so you can tell us what color/size you would like. The faster you respond, the faster we can ship your perk. If you don’t respond within 7 days (we will send a couple emails in that time) then we will send you a black strap and/or large shirt.

Everyone else - sit back, relax, and get ready for your Strap-Ons.

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