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Ish Strap-On's Featured in Premier Guitar Magazine

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Well would you look at that! This September our best selling product, the Ish Strap-On, are being featured in Premier Guitar's "Tools for the Task" section, against all the big names like Dunlop, Ernie Ball, and Schaller. Thanks to Rich Osweiler for including us!

Get your Strap-Ons fast, because they are selling quick. So quick, in fact, that we may run out of stock before our next big order comes in. See the article online, here, or in your local magazine shop this September.

P.S. Dunlop and Ernie Ball: We're coming for you.

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Ish Super Strap Assembly Video

Our Super Strap comes well packaged so that we can give you free shipping... but that means some assembly is required. Heres a quick video to show you how its done:

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40% Off Father's Day Sale!

FATHERS DAY SALE! From now until Sunday June 8th we are offering a massive 40% off all purchases of $10 or more. Use coupon code "LOVEMYDAD" and get some cool Ish gear in time for next weekend!

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Ish Strap-On Name Change

Hey all,Today, June 3rd 2014, we are announcing a small change to our Strap-On product line. Ever since the launch of Strap-Ons on October 15th of last year, people have been a little confused by the "Disposable" tag line.Yes, they are disposable. No, they probably won't last forever. But when creating Strap-Ons, we wanted to [...]

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Ish Strap-Ons are Ready to Ship

Hey Everyone! I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday, and didn’t get trampled by crazed soccer moms on Black Friday. We’ve been hard at work getting ready to receive and ship your Strap-Ons (I still laugh every time I say the name). Here are a couple cool pictures the manufacture sent us while they were making [...]

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Ish Gets 100% Successful Funding for Strap-Ons

Ish has successfully raised over $3,000 for Strap-Ons, the Disposable Strap Lock on the popular crowdfunding website IndieGoGo. Full 100% funding means we can mass produce Strap-Ons, and ship them to all who have pre-ordered very soon (expected shipping date is December 1st). Thank you so much to all the contributors who so graciously supported us [...]

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Free Strap-Ons for Veterans and Active Duty Military Personal

Veterans, thank you so much for your service to our country. Without you, this company would not be possible. If you are actively serving in the armed forces or a veteran, please email us with your mailing address today through November 15th. We would like to send you a free set of Ish Strap-Ons, the [...]

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