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Four score and 7 years ago... we did not exist. But, the world was raging with style: Cars, bikes, trains, planes, clothes, glasses, movies, hair, watches, art, music, guitars. If it was awesome, it was made in 1966 (we will exclude the intense amount of drug usage... lets just forget about that).

So, why then do we carry around guitars that were designed in the Golden Era in lame, black, crappy, gig bags? Why do we play with picks fresh off the "I-don't-care-what-we-make-as-long-as-it-makes-money" stamping line? Why would we don a strap made from nylon webbing from a cookie cutter assembley line whose biggest seller is usually children's backpacks? (lets be honest, there has never been a cool backpack - ever)

We knew we had to do something, but what should we make? Cool gear, inspired by the men who founded the modern era of the American age - the men who founded Rock n' Roll. This is the mission of Ish.

Ish Happenings

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