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Ish Strap-On Name Change

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Hey all,

Today, June 3rd 2014, we are announcing a small change to our Strap-On product line. Ever since the launch of Strap-Ons on October 15th of last year, people have been a little confused by the "Disposable" tag line.

Yes, they are disposable. No, they probably won't last forever. But when creating Strap-Ons, we wanted to make sure that when they did eventually wear out, they wouldn't end up in one of our country's many overwhelmingly large landfills (us crazy Americans). That is a large part of why we specifically selected Neoprene as our sustainable build material - it is extremely easy to recycle, and is used in a wide variety of products. Not only that, but we are working with our manufacture to start making Strap-Ons from 100% recycled Neoprene. Cool, eh?

So, to eliminate some confusion (and what we should have done in the first place), we are officially changing the Strap-On tag line from "Disposable Strap Lock" to "Recyclable Strap Lock". That clears things up a little, right?

Keep enjoying the Ish Life,

Jesse Wilson

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